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Michelle H.

Professional, clean, kind, compassionate and FUN!! Like Disneyland Dentistry for sure!! They are definitely the most kid-friendly dental office my kids and I have ever experienced and that’s not to take from previous dentists either. Our last dental office was like extended family for us. Acorn did not disappoint for sure. My girls loved the interactive stomp pad games (and I enjoyed watching them get exercise), the hide-n-seek toys throughout the building, the kid-friendly terminology used, etc. Highly recommend this place!


Shannon B.

I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to try to make the dentist a good experience for my 3 year old daughter. She is known to be highly sensitive to new experiences, sights and especially sounds. I love how the staff here are so good at pivoting to try whatever it took to help my daughter get comfortable. Even though the appointment didn’t go as they usual plan, I felt confident that it was a stepping stone in the right direction and left her with a good understanding of what to expect for next time. Compared to the office we went to previously, this was a breath of fresh air. Thanks everyone!


Brandee R.

Today was my son and daughters first appointment at Acorn and they loved it. You can tell as soon as you walk in that they are solely there for the kids. My kids loved the tablets as soon as you walked in. My daughter who is 10 stayed on the tablet until we were called back where as my son went as checked out what other toys they had to play with. Our wait time was less than 5 minutes. The x-ray process was so easy for both of the kids. Both my kids loved that they got to pick out a movie to watch during their cleanings and all of the staff and doctors were so nice. They loved picking out their little toy on the way out and said they want to go back. Thank you for making the experience an enjoyable one!


Danielle C.

I love this place. When my son got a full set of teeth I searched and searched for the best pediatrics dentist and I found The Acorn Dentist. They work so well with the kids and it is all kid friendly. In the waiting room they have tablets with games, a projector game that is projected onto the floor and you stomp things to get points, and of course toys/books. When they are brought back they get to pick a movie to watch while they get their teeth done. My son loves going to the dentist which is good. They also do a raffle for a big prize each month for the kids that have no cavities. I recommend this dentist to everyone with children! They are awesome!


Brandy W.

Love it here, super friendly, kids enjoy the wait with the tablets, books, and cool step pad they have for the kids to be interactive with. Team is amazing, fast and super friendly. And of course the kids always love the coins to pick a prize after every visit! Recommend great kids dentist overall!


Lizbeth M.

Amazing staff all around, thoughtful, kind, genuine from the moment we came in to the moment we left. Felt welcomed and valued as a patient. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Thankful I found this office. Staff is great with children. Highly recommend.


Irene S.

My 5 year old went in for dental work under anesthesia, and had a good experience at Acorn Dentistry’s Salem location. The dentist came and spoke with us about the work my child was having done and listened to any questions and was so helpful when I asked to be notified of any big changes that arise so she did send an assistant out to notify me during. Also the anesthesiologist Dr Robbins came out to speak to both me and my child to let us know all the risks in a very simple way that put us at ease. The risks are scary but they’re uncommon and rare which he did a fantastic job explaining. He also put my son at ease with a silly game and the dentist came back to give him a surprise beforehand and made him totally comfortable to walk back to the room without me. I recommend coming here if your little one needs a lot of dental work down as they have more options to make it a quicker and easier visit.


Krystal H.

Great activities for kids while waiting! The dentist and dental assistant was friendly and made my daughter comfortable in the office! Kids get a toy when done with appointment and kids also get a token to get a toy too! Gave us great advise about dental hygiene.


Dan Z.

Our kids love it here. We’ve been given great service. I called and made appointments and then gotten calls back to let me know that an earlier date and time is available if I wanted. We have kids with autism and they are comfortable here. The staff is great with parents as well.


Wilson L.

This is the best place to be at if you have children. They have toys, tablets, dance floor area. Kids get a token to pick out a prize after seeing the dentist. They had TVs on the ceiling for kids to watch during the dental appointment. They treat your children very well. Never disappointed here. Kids dont want to leave.


Miranda B.

Most efficiently run dental office I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking my son too. The staff has always been prompt bringing us to a room and never leaves us waiting there. And their appointment reminder procedure is top notch. This would be my personal choice for dental care if I was young enough. .. .Great job Acorn Dentistry!


Micheal J.

I cannot rave enough about Acorn Dentistry. I took all four of my kids in for appointments and had a wonderful experience. Neither my 2 year old or 4 year old had been to the dentist before and both came out with huge smiles. My son even ended up needing a filling, which they did right away, and was just thrilled because he got two prizes and can’t wait to come back. All of my kids were acting as though they went to a carnival, I call that a win. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful from making our appointments to helping with my kiddos so I could sit with my son during his filling. Usually I find it difficult to schedule four appointments at once but they were so helpful. Thank you so much!

Nancy G.

This was the best experience!!! From the very beginning , when you walk in the receptionists make you feel so welcomed! The office is the cutest!! There was a patients mom there who offered to pay for my parking since I didn’t have change (THEY HAVE FREE PARKING IN THE BACK OF THE OFFICE btw ☺️) But what stood out the most was how amazing and super sweet Anastasia and Dr Jennifer are! I had concerns about pain for her since she was going to be getting some pieces of tooth pulled, but as soon as I asked , they made me feel a lot of comfort. Anastasia even went out of her way and called me later that day to check up on My daughter!!
She was up and being her normal self right away! I never write reviews but this, I couldn’t pass on!! One happy Momma ! Thank you for the lovely experience and making this comfortable for my child!


Cheryl B.

My Grandson has special needs. The dental assistant, and Dentist were both very kind and patient with him. Put my Grandson at ease, me too. Very nice, clean office. Kid friendly. The tokens are a hit! Thank you :)



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