Acorn Kids International Charities

A Little about Acorn Kids International Charities:

While Dr. Tim was visiting rural Kenya in 2007, he was impressed by how happy the people are and how quick they are to smile, despite having very few, if any, material possessions. They have big hearts and big smiles with a strong sense of community. But Dr. Tim also remembers the children with large dental abscesses with facial swellings, with no means to travel to the nearest dentist several hours away. With little to no access to healthcare, one in five children die before the age of 5. Having seen the extreme dire circumstances, Dr. Tim vowed to return and do what he could to help.

When you support Acorn Kids International, Charities

1.You know the founders, and therefore can trust exactly where the funds are going and how they are directly benefiting the people.
2.The support programs currently in place are developed and run by the people on the ground in Kenya, who have the clearest picture of the direct needs of their own people. Often international non-profits look through a 1st world lens which can distort the actual needs and disempower the people they are trying to serve.
3.AKI–Kenya, which is the current focus in development, is firmly rooted in the principle of creating self-sustainability for the people in the community. All programs are developed by the people there, encouraging them to develop solutions, while providing much needed resources to see those solutions materialize.

Each program is specifically designed to help people become self-supported. Currently this is happening through sponsoring children to attend secondary school, which is privatized in Kenya. Education is so important to the Kenyan people that when children cannot afford to attend, they borrow school books from their classmates in order to try to keep up. Our next possible phases will include helping the parents of impoverished children obtain vocational training, microloans to start a small business, or education to be able to better support themselves and their children. We also intend to include healthcare services (especially dentistry) in the future as Acorn Kids International Charities grows to greater impact.

Our purpose: Helping Children Thrive

Our mission: Acorn Kids International Charities helps children thrive by:

  1. Improving food and nutrition
  2. Supporting health and disease prevention
  3. Protecting the family as the basic unit of society
  4. Creating economic stability through education and infrastructure
  5. Having fun!

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