Pip the Squirrel

Pip the Squirrel

Acorn's Mascot

Pip has been with the Acorn team since it all began. When Dr. Tim started Acorn Dentistry for Kids, Pip was the first person to greet him from the neighborhood and they’ve been close friends ever since. Pip grew up in an oak tree down the street and has lived there his whole life. Pip was very excited to see Dr. Tim was opening Acorn Dentistry for Kids because he loves seeing all the kiddos with great smiles and Pip knows that healthy teeth and gums are important for overall health, too!

Pip has become very fond of all the Doctor’s and team members at Acorn Dentistry for Kids, in fact Pip has become our official Acorn mascot for his help around the office. Pip has been seen traveling around Oregon to surprise kids who are visiting the dentist at Acorn Dentistry for Kids. He also enjoys meeting all of the kiddos while he is out in the community performing “Pip Squeaks”, entertaining during parades, jog-a-thons, and just about any community event!

His favorite hobbies are collecting acorns, making people smile and climbing trees. He loves to have fun, laugh, and play around with all of his friends. If you have a friend that should meet Pip let us know and we’ll send you a referral card to share with your friends and get the same great dental care as Pip and the rest of the kids in our community.

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