Dr Akbar Khan, DDS

Dr Akbar Khan, DDS

Dr. Akbar Khan is our newest member of the Acorn Doctor team! Dr. Akbar grew up in New York City, NY and Norwich, CT and has very strong opinions on pizza and lobster rolls. He received his B.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology and his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Connecticut. After graduating, he completed a one-year hospital-based residency at Harvard with a major focus on treating medically compromised patients. While in Boston, he developed strong opinions on clam chowder and cannoli. Dr. Akbar then moved to Minneapolis, MN to complete his pediatric dental residency at the Masonic Children’s Hospital where he was selected to serve as chief resident. In Minneapolis he gained a newfound appreciation for walleye and banh mi. He enjoys spoiling his cat, cooking/baking for friends (and the occasional foe), drinking espresso like water, sewing, landscape photography, woodworking, but most of all, he enjoys spending time backwoods camping and hiking in U.S. National Parks. Dr. Akbar will be helping create magical moments in our Salem locations.

Acorny facts about Dr Akbar!

Optimism! No matter what is going on or where I am, I will always be there with hope and a smile

Moving super-fast. I would be able to do so much more!

 I used to do stand-up comedy and listing one thing is difficult for me

Chocolate ice cream with all the different kinds of chocolate toppings like hot fudge, brownies, etc. If you can imagine a chocolate ice cream sundae that is too chocolatey, double the chocolate and we’re halfway there!

Being blissfully ignorant of sweets

Making kids (and parents) laugh with my silly jokes

 Be a fine woodworker and build my own house and all the furniture

 Always thinking of the next punchline for a joke