Dr. Lorena Ibarra

Lorena Ibarra, DMD

Board-certified Pediatric Dentist

After spending time in New York and Puerto Rico, Dr. Lorena felt the call to return home and serve the Oregon community at Acorn Dentistry.

Dr. Lorena began her dentistry story by studying general science and obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University. She went on to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Lorena has spent time in General Practice at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, and had her Pediatric Dental Residency at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan.

Dr. Lorena has been married for nine years to another pediatric dentist (they love dentistry “shop talk”). She loves taking walks and hikes to enjoy our beautiful Pacific Northwest, cooking, reading, and watching movies. Dr. Lorena is passionate about helping people, growing as a dentist, and the lovely aroma and taste of coffee.

Acorny facts about Dr. Lorena!

Kids Dentistry.

Traveling at the speed of light.

Playing for hours outside and being able to eat large amounts of food without the weight gain. 

Conan O’Brien, He is so funny and I would love to have a great entertaining dinner. 

The thought that we live in a time we have access to all the information on our phones. 

be a teacher because I enjoy hearing about my kids stories. 

a fun Pediatric Dentist.